Make Israel Your Clients’ Favorite Mediterranean Destination

With its glorious seaside resorts, sun-soaked vineyards, vibrant nightlife, sweeping desert landscapes, green valleys, and fresh cuisine bringing together local and international flavors, it would almost be easy for travelers in Israel to forget that they are visiting a land brimming with history, where many civilizations swept through before them, over the course of five millennia. Or in a land deeply connected to a city recognized as the religious center of nearly half the world’s population.

People come to the small country of Israel for a host of reasons, and the destination is set to welcome families, groups, and adventurers of all ages eager for a transformational experience. Let us help you position Israel in new ways for your clients and make their trip one of a lifetime – with more to come!


Graduate Benefits

Certificate of graduation as an Israel Destination Specialist

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What You’ll Learn

    • Where to find Israel’s major historical, cultural, and religious attractions, as well as opportunities for outdoor adventure everywhere from the Red Sea to the Negev Desert to the Golan Heights
    • Suggested itineraries for Catholics, Evangelical Protestants and Christians interested in Israel’s main sites throughout the Holy Land and including cities once occupied by the Crusaders
    • Opportunities for families to discover their historical and religious roots
    • How to experience daily life in the Druze and Bedouin communities, and where to find the monuments of the Baha’i faith
    • Which cities serve as good hubs for FIT travelers
    • The best ways to sample the international and local flavors that characterize cuisine in Israel
    • Israel’s impressive roster of UNESCO sites
    • And much more!

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