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Complete this program by March 31, 2024 to earn your certificate and prepare to send your clients on life-enhancing journeys!

Japan's endess opportunities for discovery include both modern and ancient treasures, as well as stunning natural landscapes with a beauty all their own. Learn about Japan's historic monuments, castles, shrines and museums; colorful festivals; unique cultural, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences, and more.

Important note: The JTS E-Learning Program is available for North American and South American travel agents only. We regret that this program is not open to students who are not professional travel agents.

All you need to do is study three chapters and pass three exams, which are automatically scored. Once you complete the Japan Travel Specialist General Course, you will gain access to the masters-level option. 

The course offers advanced certification upon successful completion of one chapter and one exam. Here you will receive the resources and insights you need to map out the best Japan vacation options suited to the particular needs and special interests of each client.

For more information on Japan Travel Specialist benefits, contact Japan National Tourism Organization via e-mail: jts@us.jnto.go.jp


Graduate Benefits

Certificate acknowledging you as a graduate of the Japan Travel Specialist General Course, and, if you complete both courses, a graduate of the Japan Travel Specialist Advanced Master’s Course.

CEU credits from The Travel Institute. Go to www.thetravelinstitute.com for details on the certification programs, eligibility for continuing education credits and how to receive these credits following graduation.

For more information on Japan Travel Specialist benefits, contact Japan National Tourism Organization via email: jts@us.jnto.go.jp

What You’ll Learn

    • The location of Japan’s main cities and regions, accompanied by overviews of their most interesting attractions, festivals and foods
    • How best to encounter traditional Japanese customs and cultural events
    • Where to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and best take in natural scenery 
    • Japan’s wide range of accommodations, from Western-style hotels to ryokans and  minshukus 
    • Great side trips from Tokyo to attractions like Mount Fuji and UNESCO World Heritage sites 
    • And much more!

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