Situated at the center of the Mediterranean, just 58 miles south of Sicily, Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world - packed with pleasures, all easily accessible to its visitors: ancient towns and archaeological sites; expansive beaches and spectacular scenic vistas; award-winning diving experiences, and much more.

In this brief two-chapter program you'll find out why Malta should be among the top destinations for a wide range of your clients.


Graduate Benefits

Certificate of graduation as a Malta Specialist

Continuing Education Units for members of The Travel Institute. Go to or for details on the certification programs, eligibility for continuing education credits and how to receive these credits following graduation.

What You’ll Learn

    • Key selling points of its three islands - Malta, Gozo and Comino.
    • History/culture/religious sites. Malta's 7,000 years of history is revealed in its ancient towns and villages and extraordinary archaeological sites.
    • Relaxation. Clients will revel in its sunny weather, expansive beaches, spectacular scenery and sybaritic spas.
    • Sports & adventure activities: diving, hiking, cycling, swimming, snorkeling, rock climbing, sailing, golfing - a vacation in the Maltese Islands can be as active as your client wants it to be.
    • Family fun on beaches, at theme parks, exciting museums and aquarium, and on cruises/sailings.
    • Weddings and honeymoons. Venues include sumptuous five-star resorts and intimate boutique hotels, offering romantic vistas of land and sea.
    • Information on accommodations, dining and nightlife
    • And much more

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