The Best of the Caribbean Distilled into One Intimate, Idyllic Island – Tobago!

Open new horizons for your most ardent Caribbean-loving clients by introducing them to the tiny island of Tobago, where tourism has evolved just enough to offer all the splendid comforts of contemporary travel while preserving a culture-infused, nature-based way of life.

As Trinidad’s smaller, pristine partner, Tobago exudes a tropical vibe blended with Afro-Caribbean, Spanish, French and English influences while further enticing visitors with an almost mystical, primeval beauty, from its powdery, palm-tree fringed shores to its green interiors. Here a passion for life permeates everyday encounters among its people, which comes to its fullest expression in an array of vibrant festivals throughout the year. Discover what all the happiness is about – and how to share it with your clients – by enrolling in the Tobago Specialist program!


Graduate Benefits

Certificate of graduation as an Tobago Specialist

Continuing Education Units for members of The Travel Institute. Go to for details on the certification programs, eligibility for continuing education credits and how to receive these credits following graduation.

What You’ll Learn

    • Tobago’s vast variety of natural attractions -- including where to find the best dive and snorkel spots, hidden waterfalls, bird sanctuaries and sunsets, as well as a beach to suit every mood
    • Tobago’s remarkable biodiversity, which spans over 1,770 species in just 116 square miles and includes such standouts as iridescent hummingbirds, red howler monkeys, nesting turtles, iguanas, agouti and translucent glass frogs
    • Legends inspired by Nylon Pool, a naturally formed, four-foot-deep “swimming pool” of clear water found in the ocean a mile off the coast of Pigeon Point
    • The oldest legally protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, recognized as early as 1776 by the British for its stunning flora and fauna
    • Tobago’s assortment of charming accommodations, such as boutique hotels, small ocean-front resorts and eco-lodges
    • The magnificent diversity that’s present in everything from African-style drumming and dance to European-inspired architecture and tasty East Indian and traditional Creole cuisine
    • Festivals, weddings and more!

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